Intertour reserves the right to refuse to carry any person or their luggage without assigning a reason therefore. Subject to the provisions of the Transport Act 1983 Intertour reserves the right to cancel or vary any services it provides as it sees fit.

Drivers are not obliged to assist passengers due to OHS risks, but may still provide assistance for a passenger at the sole discretion of the driver.  Passengers must be able to move and place their hand luggage on and off the vehicle.  Passenger belongings and luggage must be stowed safely and securely whilst on board.

Intertour accepts no liability for lost or damaged luggage. The company recommends that sufficient luggage insurance be obtained.  Limit of 2 suitcases per person not to exceed 25kg per suitcase and one small carry bag not to exceed 10kg per person.  Each item must be clearly marked with your full name, address and contact number.  Luggage exceeding the allowable limit, or any boxed item will be considered freight and charged accordingly.  Excess luggage and freight is subject to available space.

Insurance on any item carried is not supplied by Intertour, therefore it is expected and recommended that the passenger take out sufficient insurance to cover the replacement cost of items being freighted.

Extra Suitcase – Free of charge

Subject to available space

Golf Clubs and Bag – Free of charge

Subject to available space

Surfboards – Free of charge 

Subject to available space

Bicycles – Must be dismantled and in a box – Free of charge

Subject to available space

Box as Luggage – Free of charge

Subject to available space

Musical Instrument – Contact Intertour

Subject to available space

Booster Seat/Capsules/Stroller – Free of charge

Subject to available space

Any item not listed above will not be carried.

Each item should not exceed 25kg in weight and is subject to available space.

The above items must be advised at booking and are not guaranteed to be carried.

Any queries regarding our Luggage policies please contact Intertour directly.

Intertour do not operate a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  If a wheelchair accessible vehicle is available any passenger travelling with a wheelchair, must be accompanied by a carer or escort at all times.

We will endeavour to accommodate our passengers with needs if a suitable vehicle is in use. Passengers with needs must ensure they can board, disembark and move around the vehicle unaided. If a passenger is unable to meet these requirements, the passenger may be refused access to the vehicle unless accompanied by an escort.

Wheelchairs and walking aids will be carried free of charge providing they travel on the same service as the passenger.  All items must be foldable and not exceed 20kgs and will be placed in the cargo hold.  Any other aids including electric powered devices or chairs will not be carried.

We recommend that you contact Intertour during the booking process as cargo space may be limited and the allocation of a wheelchair accessible vehicle is not guaranteed.

No animals and pets are allowed on board, with the exception of registered Guide Dogs.  An Assistance Animal Pass is required to be produced at boarding.

On services where seating availability and space is limited, staff may request the passenger and Guide Dog to sit in a specified seat.

Lost Property that is left onboard will be stored no more than 30 days.  We will endeavour to make all effort to contact you before this time, however if Intertour are unable to contact you all lost property will be donated to a charity of our choosing.  Intertour will not be liable for any loss or damage to any item whilst in our possession.

All fares and prices are subject to change without notice.

All non-booked fares from Melbourne Airport are subject to change without notice.

Change in travel date will incur a $15.00 transfer fee per booking.

All travel purchased on Intertour is Non Refundable.

Failure to travel – No Refund or Transfer.
A change of travel date and or booking requires a minimum of 24 hour notice, from the original travel date and time.

Open one way or return bookings are not available.

All bookings are Non Transferable.

All advertised discounted fares are subject to availability and therefore are not guaranteed.

We will provide information on our pick up and set down point at time of booking.  Please note if you are unable to be located at the designated meeting point, every effort will be made to locate you.  It is important that you do not move away from the agreed meeting point as this makes it difficult for the driver to locate you.  If the failure to load was a direct result of Intertour, the fare paid will be refunded in full to the passenger.

Australian Federal and State Government Regulations prohibit smoking, the consumption of alcohol and the conveyance or ingestion of illicit drugs on passenger transport vehicles. Passengers under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will not be permitted to board the vehicle.

Persons behaving in a disruptive manner may be removed from the vehicle at the sole discretion of the Driver.  Violence, abuse or aggression in any form will not be tolerated.  All incidents will be reported to relevant security officers or the Police.

We reserve the reserve the right to refuse the carriage if any passengers who does not comply with our minimum dress standards, which include a shirt, shorts, trousers, skirt and footwear.

No food and drinks are allowed on board unless required for health reasons.  Only water with screw tops are allowed to be consumed on board.

Meals or refreshments are not provided by Intertour, although stopovers en-route can be provided on group charters.

Passengers must be ready 30 minutes prior to departure, whether at a passenger terminal or en- route.  If you are delayed we do advise you to contact Intertour at the earliest convenience.

A seat must be purchased for all children. 

All minors under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 years or over.  Proof of age must be provided at boarding. 

An appropriate Booster Seat and Child Restraint that is applicable to the age and size of the child under the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 legislation must be provided by the parent or guardian upon boarding.  The use of the front seat will not be allowed. 

Where the child is of suitable age and size as a minimum the seat belts provided should be used.

Your child’s safety is your responsibility.  Make sure the Booster Seat and Child Restraint is properly fastened and adjusted before the journey begins.  

Booster Seats, Capsules and Child Restraints are not provided by Intertour.

Travel insurance is highly recommended when making all travel arrangements. Please note Intertour does not provide travel insurance.

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Intertour Australia, and or their agents, will not be liable for any accident, injury or death or any passenger, nor loss or damage to personal effects or luggage, irrespective of the conditions from which such accident, injury, death, loss or damage may have arisen.

Intertour will not be liable in any way for the cost and any additional expense if a service is cancelled or not provided. These expenses shall be the liability of the passenger.

Intertour and or its agents will not be responsible for any inconvenience, or loss occasioned to delays to services and additional cost of accommodation, transport and associated expenses and this includes adverse weather.

Intertour and or its agents reserve the right to cancel, vary or substitute any service in any way for any reason deemed necessary.

Intertour and or its agents, reserve the right to refuse carriage of any person on any service and to remove any person from any service for any reason or in the interest of other passengers.

No guarantee, express or implied attached to any motor vehicle owned by, leased by, or operated for the company, nor can the operator or its agents accept liability for any loss, delay, cancellation of service, death or irregularity that may occur to be occasioned by any cause whatsoever and it is expressly agreed that all bookings are made and accepted under these stipulations and conditions.

Intertour will use reasonable efforts to meet all departure and arrival times.  However, Intertour will not be held responsible for any loss or any cost incurred due to any action outside its control, including cost incurred due to, vehicle breakdowns, late flights, traffic, weather, roadworks, other industrial, civil or public actions. 

In a situation where an emergency or breakdown occurs, the driver may direct passengers to leave and re-board another bus or transport service.

Paid or unpaid ticketed passengers who are unable to meet a scheduled service caused by influences outside the control of Intertour will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

Timetables and fares are subject to change without notice.


Intertour and other operators

Intertour may arrange for other operators or persons to undertake the service to be provided and agent shall be protected by and entitled to the benefit of these terms and conditions to the same extent as Intertour.

Intertour stipulates that no conditions of travel other than that endorsed on a ticket will be recognised. Verbal promises by any other booking agent, clerk or otherwise will not be recognised.

For safety reasons certain goods or articles cannot be carried, such as weapons, explosive goods and flammable items.

Fruit and vegetables will not be carried due to Australian Government Quarantine Regulations.


Intertour Privacy Policy

Intertour ABN 34 913 054 253 will be subjected to the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. When this document refers to We/Us/Our it means Intertour.


Your Information

We will only collect, store and hold information on services and products you request from us.

Information you provide to us may include the following:

  • Your arrival and departure place, dates and time.
  • Your full name, address, e-mail, credit card number, debit card number, verification number, expiry date, billing address and contact telephone number details.

This information applies to any service and sale offered or sold by us, as well as any freight offered or sold to you.

Passenger information applies to any Adult, Child or Infant dealing with us.

We may ask if you have any Health requirement in which could compromise your safety, or that of other customers.

Other forms of information obtained by us may include personal details required when applying for any employment with Intertour.

The Privacy Policy will also apply to any information provided to us from our accredited travel agents and other sales staff who sell our product.

The Privacy Policy will not supply employee information or records of any staff employed by/or associated with us as this information is exempt from this legislation.

Intertour vehicles may be fitted with a camera and will only be strictly used for purposes relating to issues arising from that journey or for the purposes of legal proceedings by South East Airport Shuttle or third parties.


Information Collection Process

We may collect personal and travel information when you are dealing with us by face to face, telephone, website, social media, e-mail, letter or fax.

Third party collection of information can be obtained from accredited travel agents used by us. This may include travel companies who offer our product via their own means whether it be a website, telephone or direct sale.

We will not deliberately seek personal information from sources other than that which is provided to us by you.

Any electronic transactions, credit card and direct deposit transactions may be processed by a third party who may require you to provide additional information.

Our online booking facility utilises the Safeguard, Secure Sale Certificates and Secure Socket Layers which are designed to keep your personal information as secure as possible.


How we utilise this Information

We utilise your information in order to process and maintain your booking, it is essential that all information provided to us is accurate.

To ensure that the correct person/s are travelling, we may at any time ask for information such as photo identification, relevant concession cards or any other personal identification.

We may contact you if any situation arises where your booking, reservation or sale with us could change.

We may hold your personal information to inform you of any changes to our product and to inform you of any future promotions.

Our way of informing you may be via phone, fax, e-mail, social media or personally.

If you give us false information, this may lead to your booking, reservation or sale with us being forfeited.


Providing your information to other parties

Your personal information may be provided to police or other law enforcement and government agencies for security reasons, or if they have directed us to provide your information to them.

We will only provide the information on the condition the ‘Third Party’ requesting the information provides us with their full details and the position they hold within their organisation.

We may also provide your information to other ‘Third Parties’ such as our accredited travel agents and other organisations selling our product.

It is essential that if you obtain information relating to us from other websites or providers who promote or sell our product, that you are aware of their privacy policy before providing them with your information.

When you provide credit card details these will pass automatically and securely between your browser and the PayPal secure payment site for authentication. We do not at any time see or have the ability to access your credit card details.


Obtaining information from us

If you wish to obtain personal information from us. It is essential that you provide proof of identity and reasons for the information you seek. Ensure that you understand that we could hold the right to refuse to provide that information to you.

You will need to supply proof of identity and explain reasons for the information in writing.


Other information

We have the right where necessary to make changes to this Privacy Policy, if our business arrangements or if the privacy laws or any part of the law change at any time.

Once your personal information is no longer required by us we will endeavour to permanently destroy any personal information you have provided to us.

If you wish to raise an issue concerning a complaint concerning your privacy with us or any issue regarding our privacy policy, we do ask you to forward any correspondence via mail to: